All In-Person Regional WordCamps Canceled Until 2022

All In person Regional WordCamps Canceled until 2022

WordPress has officially announced that all in-person regional WordCamps are canceled for 2020 and 2021. The decision has been taken following the rising cases of COVID-19 around the world.

Flagship events like regional WordCamps take place with hundreds and thousands of people participating from around the world. And at a time like this, where COVID-19 pandemic is taking place, it would not be a wise thing to organize such huge events.

Witnessing a rise in the COVID-19 infection and the current global situation, WordPress will no longer accept any applications for in-person regional WordCamps until 2022.

Previously announced regional WordCamps for 2021 like WordCamp Europe, WordCamp Asia, WordCamp US will have to shift the WordCamp to online if they would like to host the event, according to the official announcement post.

Many might be aware that WordCamp US 2020 has already announced the cancelation of WCUS2020 regarding the ongoing global situation. It was a difficult decision but, they prioritized the community’s health above everything else. Therefore, at times like these, it is very much important that we put our health first and stay updated with everything happening around us.

So, all in-person regional WordCamps are canceled until 2022. And since organizers can only host online WordPress events, how do you think it is going to affect the community?

We would like to place our sincere sympathies to everyone who’s affected by the virus. We hope and pray for the virus outbreak to stop and everything goes back to normal soon.

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