Jetpack 7.2.1 Maintenance Release

Jetpack 7.2.1 Maintenance Release

Jetpack 7.2.1 was released on 4th April 2019 and now is available for download. It is a maintenance release and there are some interesting changes in it.

The new update includes improvements in the recently added “hints” feature. The Feature Hints help users discover features of Jetpack by adding suggestions to the WordPress plugin search results page when looking for features that exist in Jetpack.

Where Jetpack developers tried to ease things out with feature hints, they found out errors in the feature and are looking forward to improving it.

The new update includes design changes that make this feature hints less prominent. With this update, users can choose to enable a feature of Jetpack that they have already installed.

Highlights in Jetpack 7.2.1

  • Removed all Jetpack hints that required an upgrade to work, so rest assured all recommendations are only for features you already have installed.
  • Simplified the design and changed some text; this way it’s clear that feature hints are from Jetpack and are easily dismissible.
  • Fixed a slideshow block bug — now everyone will be able to easily move between pictures.

Check out the full changelog to know more about the updates in Jetpack 7.2.1.

You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.

We recommend you to update your Jetpack to the latest version right away to avoid the fatal errors and changes.


Reference: Jetpack


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