An Exclusive Interview with Avinash Kundaliya – WCKTM2019 Speakers

An Exclusive Interview with Avinash Kundaliya – WCKTM2019 Speakers

Avinash Kundaliya is a developer with a soft spot for web technologies. He’s involved in front-end engineering, decentralized web or privacy on the web. He likes to keep track of hipster tech and sometimes he spends his weekend scratching that itch.

At WCKTM2019, his talk was on React and WordPress where he stressed on both of the topics –building a simple single page application using React and WordPress REST API. It also included basic concepts regarding React.

He is an inspiring member of the WordPress community who has come a long way. In this interview, we’ve asked him about his WordPress journey, his talk at WCKTM2019, views and opinions regarding React and WordPress.

He shares, “React is really good for a Single Page Application. Not just React, there are many other frameworks as well. However, I go for React because WordPress and React go together really well. React can solve your front-end issues. There is a small learning curve when you go for React but once you go through that stage, it’s very interesting.”

“My favorite part about React is I would have never build a mobile application without it. Only after using React I was able to build Mobile Applications.” In the interview below, Avinash also talked about how WordCamps help in growing WordPress communities.

When asked about where he sees WordPress in the coming five years, he said, “What I saw recently with WordPress is amazing. With Gutenberg, WordPress is going in a very interesting direction. With the idea of rich content development and embracing of REST API, WordPress is not just a blogging platform anymore, it’s a platform to build new interesting applications.”

It was a very informative interview—we got to learn a lot about React and WordPress. A huge “Thank You” to Mr. Kundaliya from the DevotePress team for sitting with us and sharing his views.

You can find the full interview session with him on our YouTube Channel, or you can also watch the video below:

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WordCamp Kathmandu 2019 was held on March 16-17, 2019. The event was a huge success and we witnessed more than 300 footfalls at the event. If you had missed the event, we’ve got it all covered for you. You can check it out here.

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