My Music Band – A Free Music WordPress Theme for Musician and Bands

My Music Band is a new music WordPress theme on, crafted by the amazing Catch Themes team. The theme has been specially designed to seamlessly promote every aspect of your musical website. It was created for artists, musician and bands, record labels, and all similar businesses related to the music industry.

My Music Band


There are many music WordPress themes available on for your musical website. However, some music themes only focus on one or two aspects, providing you with fewer features and customizing options. Whereas, My Music Band is a music WordPress theme that is devoted to each element equally, providing you with the best musical website experience.

The theme is a simple, clean, lightweight yet feature-rich music WordPress theme that is fully responsive; it gives your audience an excellent viewing experience, no matter what device they’re using. With My Music Band, create an individual online presence while worrying nothing about coding. My Music Band takes care of everything.

My Music Band combines simplicity and boldness in order to showcase your best creations and grab the user’s attention easily.

The new music WordPress theme, My Music Band comes with an array of features; some of the interesting ones are:

Playlist: The section to add a nice list of songs for your visitors to keep them engaged and entertained.
Portfolio: To display your best albums and to showcase your professional skills and accomplishments to the world at large.
Featured Content: To highlight your recent and popular musical posts on your website.
Featured Slider: To place eye-catching custom slides with promos, new products, or anything else that you want.
Hero Content: To showcase the best assets of your website in a way that is easily attention-grabbing.
Header Media: You can either place an image or a video as your header media and display them on Fluid or Boxed layout.

One of the most interesting features of the theme is the Playlist section. It is a section where you can add a nice set of songs that you want your audience to check out. If you’ve got any fresh tracks, Playlist feature is just what you need in order to reach out the audience at large.

Playlist Section
Playlist section in My Music Band.

Another interesting feature in My Music Band is the Portfolio section. On the Portfolio section, you can feature your albums and anything that you want to flaunt. My Music Band has everything you need to get your name and voice out there, whether you are a solo music artist or a passionate music band.

Portfolio section in My Music Band
Portfolio section in My Music Band.


These were only a few of what My Music Band provides. With all the incredible features, the theme sure gives you plenty of customizing power to provide that musical vibe from your website and make it visually appealing.

 My Music Band – The Pro Version 

My Music Band also has a premium version called My Music Band Pro. The Pro version extends the theme with advanced features to uplift your musical website. It comes with features such as Events, Header Top Playlist, Promotion Headline, and more which you will not find in the free version. The premium version is a multipurpose music WordPress theme, which means you can create a website of any kind related to music. Using the Pro version of the theme, I personally found the Header Top Playlist and the Product sections very interesting and crucial features to have in a music WordPress site.

The Header Top Playlist section in the Pro version is where you get to add a set of tracks for your visitors on the top of the header area. For people like me who’s always curious about the kind of music that our favorite artist or band enjoys, I think the header top playlist is a perfect feature to have on a music website. Adding a nice list of songs for your audience also keeps them engaged, and also entertained while they browse through your website for more.

Header Top Playlist in My Music Band Pro.
Header Top Playlist in My Music Band Pro.

About the Products section, it can be found on the eCommerce layout. On this section, you’re allowed to feature whatever you want your visitors to check out. Be it your albums, album covers, your music merchandise, or just anything that you want to feature, flaunt them in an elegant manner in the Products section.

Products Section in My Music Band - eCommerce Layout
Products Section in My Music Band – eCommerce Layout.

Click here to know more about the premium version – My Music Band Pro.

Click here to buy My Music Band Pro.


There are six types of theme demos for you to try out:

You can style your music website as per your preference. Your website, your way!

Choose a Demo
Demo Types

Musicians who’re more into the dark and bold colors can choose the Dark Color Scheme that brands your musical website in a bold and beautiful manner. If you’re trying to handle ticket and merchandise sales directly from your site for your audience, go for the eCommerce Layout. The theme supports videos as well, so, try out the Video demo if you have music videos to feature and finally there’s the Corporate demo, which furnishes your website a more professional business look.


With all these incredible features, My Music Band sure is a music WordPress theme to go for if you’re trying to craft an engaging music website or looking for a simple-to-customize yet powerful theme that prioritizes your music.

I’ve tried out both (the free and pro) versions of My Music Band theme and loved how both of the versions provide the melodious aura. The free version is solely dedicated to music, whereas, the pro version is more like a multipurpose music WordPress theme, with which, you can create a website of any kind related to the music industry.

So, if you like music in any way, I am more than sure that you would love the My Music Band theme. The free theme is available on Make sure to check it out right away!


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