WordPress 4.9.8 Release Candidate Now Available!

WordPress 4.9.8 Release Candidate

The first release candidate – WordPress 4.9.8 Release Candidate is now available for testing.

So far, WordPress 4.9 has been downloaded more than 120 million times since its release on November 15, 2017. Users are requested to try this release candidate and report any issues to ensure that WordPress 4.9.8 fixes the reported issues.

According to the official WordPress 4.9.8 Release Candidate post, testing of the release candidate package shortly after it was built uncovered a serious bug in the new “Try Gutenberg” callout. You can know more about it here. However, the team still decided to roll out the Release Candidate 1 and will be shipping out the second release candidate as soon as they find a fix for this issue.

The total number of bug fixes in 4.9.8 has reached 28, and the enhancements and the blessed tasks have reached the number 12 and 3, respectively.

Below are the bug fixes and enhancements included in WordPress 4.9.8 Release Candidate

Blessed Tasks 

A full list of blessed tasks in 4.9.8 Release Candidate 1 can be found on Trac.

– Editor
  • #41316– Introduce “Try Gutenberg” callout
– Emoji
  • #44339– Emoji: Update Twemoji to 11.0
– TinyMCE
  • #44134– Update to TinyMCE 4.7.13
    • See the TinyMCE changelog.  WP 4.9.6 included TinyMCE 4.7.11, WP 4.9.8 beta 1 updated to TinyMCE 4.8.0.

Bug Fixes 

A full list of bugs fixed in 4.9.8 Release Candidate 1 can be found on Trac.

– Administration
  • #44611– try Gutenberg header wraps over text below on narrow screens
– Bundled Theme
  • #44109– TwentySeventeen backend editor: level 2 bulleted lists nested under numbered lists show numbers instead of bullets
– Comments
  • #44141– Privacy: Don’t replace comment author URL and email with anything
  • #44342– Commenter cookie consent message should not be displayed if the cookie action isn’t hooked
  • #44126– Adding fields to comments_form args prevents checkbox displaying
– Customize
  • #44104– Customize: Attempt to count uncountable value
– Editor
  • #44341– Replace _deprecated_function( ‘add_filter’ ) with apply_filters_deprecated()
– Filesystem API
  • #43054– wp_is_stream fails with stream definition containing nonascii chars
– I18N
  • #44139– i18n: “About” disambiguation
  • #44574– Saratov and other cities missing from translations
– Login and Registration
  • #44052– Missing parameter type for `login_header()`
– Media
  • #43751– REST API: Attachments controller should respect “Max upload file size” and “Site upload space” in multisite
  • #44532– Extreme memory leak related to wp_is_stream in wp-includes/functions.php in WordPress 4.9.7
– Privacy
  • #44099– Add Request Type into Admin Email Subject for GDPR
  • #44130– Mixed Case of Privacy Policy on Privacy Settings page
  • #44192– Title of Privacy Policy Page not used on login page
  • #44195– “Silence is golden” index.html generates output
  • #44265– Add filter for email subject for erasure complete notification
  • #44353– Replace `site_url( ‘wp-login.php’ )` in `wp_send_user_request()`
  • #44379– GDPR filters should provide either $request or $request_id
  • #44382– Filter the subject within _wp_privacy_send_request_confirmation_notification
  • #44396– Inconsistent use of blogname and sitename in Privacy emails
  • #44590– Remove “// WPCS:” comments
– Rest API
  • #40861– REST API saves attachments with absolute path for `_wp_attached_file` on Windows platforms
  • #43874– REST API: Only render fields specific to request when _fields= is used
– Taxonomy
  • #42691– WP_Term_Query get_terms generates invalid SQL queries
  • #44096– REST API: Taxonomy and term endpoints should use correct permission checks
– TinyMCE
  • #44330– TinyMCE: do not force-load external TinyMCE plugins


A full list of enhancements in 4.9.8 Release Candidate 1 can be found on Trac.

– Options, Meta APIs
  • #38323– Reconsider $object_subtype handling in `register_meta()`
– Posts, Post Types
  • #36085– Add action hook to get_inline_data()
– Privacy
  • #43967– Admin emails after email confirmation don’t work for data privacy requests
  • #44006– Privacy Policy page should have a suffix like other special pages
  • #44025– Privacy: Pagination screen options for the requests list tables
  • #44100– GDPR Privacy Page setting allows for Draft Pages
  • #44131– If draft page selected for Privacy Policy page should verbiage change from view to preview
  • #44181– The input field id username_or_email_to_export should be something else on remove_personal_data page
  • #44373– Add a privacy setting to disable comment cookie consent
  • #44612– Grammar – Missing ‘a’ in ‘select new Privacy Policy page’
  • #44321– REST API: Expose revision count and last revision ID on Post response
– Role/Capability
  • #44287– REST API: Declare user capability to perform actions using JSON Hyper Schema `targetSchema`

Check out the full changelog here.

Make sure you test the WordPress 4.9.8 Release Candidate. If you think you’ve found a bug, please post to the Alpha/Beta support forum to help make the release of WordPress 4.9.8 next week as smooth as possible.

The official WordPress 4.9.8 release has been scheduled for July 31, 2018.


Reference: WordPress.org

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