Adding a Currency Converter in WordPress

adding a currency converter in WordPress

If you own an ecommerce store or any small business website and have visitors from across the globe, adding a currency converter on your website can be quite beneficial. The feature will let your users convert currency without having to leave your page; it means the feature will keep them engaged on your website. A currency converter allows your visitors to quickly calculate the exchange rate of different currencies. Adding a currency converter in WordPress can be very beneficial for your business especially for ecommerce stores, travel blogs, finance & banking websites, and other businesses that include stuff related to currencies.

Having said that, below is the easiest way to add a currency converter on your website.

Adding a Currency Converter in WordPress Using a Plugin 

WordPress plugins has made life easier for those working in WordPress. And the easiest way to add a currency converter is by using a WordPress plugin. So, for this tutorial, we will be using a WordPress plugin – Currency Converter. The name says it all – it is a plugin that shows a currency converter box in WordPress via widget or shortcodes.

Currency Converter plugin

Install and activate the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory for free. After you’ve activated the plugin, head over to Settings > Currency Converter from your dashboard.

settings - currency converter

Here, you will be taken to the main customization page of the plugin. There are four tabs for you to customize – General, Calculator Layout Default, List Layout Default, and Tools.

The first tab is the General Settings tab. Add your API key, select your currency converter layout from the given four types and define the decimal point position for your converter. Then, click the Save Changes once you’re done customizing the General tab.

General Settings

The second tab is the Calculator Layout Default. You can set the default values for currency calculator. Enable currencies, set the default option for currencies, default amount for the main currency, and add a title to show in the calculator through this tab.

Calculator Layout Default

Another tab is the List Layout Default where you can customize the currency rate list default settings. You can select the primary currency and then add a list of other currencies to display in the rate list. Similar to the calculator default settings, you can also display the default amount and add a title to show in the listing.

List Layout Default

And finally, the fourth one is the Tools tab. This is where you can reset the data you entered to default.

Tools tab

Now that you’ve customized the converter your way, it’s time to display the currency converter on your website.

Display the Currency Converter on your Website 

Displaying the currency converter is very easy, simply head over to the Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop the Currency Converter widget to the area where you want it to be displayed.

drag and drop the currency converter in sidebar

Also, if you want to display the currency converter on any of your post or page, you can simply add the following shortcode.


And that is it. You can visit your website to see your Currency Converter in action. You can use any of the method—widget or shortcode—to display the converter in an elegant manner.

website preview with currency calculator

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