WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 Speakers

The final speaker’s lineup for WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 is ready. There are a total of 17 inspiring speakers ready to take the stage at the very first WordCamp happening in the beautiful city, Biratnagar.

WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 is happening on 22nd December 2018 at Hotel Asiatique, Airport Rd, Biratnagar. The WordPress Biratnagar community are trying their best to make the first-ever WordCamp event grand and successful. Also, the team is bringing a bunch of new concepts with its first WordCamp in the city as well—such as WordPress Museum, website giveaway, play and win, job fair, and more.

The WordCamp is going to feature 17 influential WordPress personas with their respective presentations. WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 is introducing speakers not only from Nepal but from all around the globe. In this post, we will be having a quick look at the speakers and their topic for WCBRT2018.

WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 Speakers

Ganga Kafle

Ganga Kafle is a WordPress Developer and a Theme Reviewer. He is the co-owner and co-founder of Template Sell. He is from WordPress Biratnagar community and also the lead organizer of WordCamp Biratnagar 2018. Besides this, he is an RTI activist, social entrepreneur, and a tech enthusiast. He is going to be in the panel discussion at WordCamp Biratnagar 2018.

Panel Discussion: Girls in WordPress – Story, Experience, Opportunity, and Career

Saroj Karki

Saroj Karki is the founder of Youth for Blood and the executive director of OB Media Pvt Ltd. He initiated the WordPress Biratnagar in 2011. He emphasizes on using WordPress over any other platform. At WCBRT, he is going to talk about the history of WordPress in Biratnagar and how it all began.

Title: WordPress History in Biratnagar

Intended Audience: Everyone

Kamal Prasad Shah

Kamal Prasad ShahKamal Prasad Shah, a passionate WordPress Developer is mainly involved with the development of WordPress themes and plugins. He’ been involved in the WordPress world for a long time now. He is the co-founder of IT Service Nepal in Biratnagar. Having a deep knowledge on the platform, he will be talking about the benefits and career in WordPress during WCBRT2018.

Topic Title: Why WordPress is a better choice?

Intended Audience: Everyone

Sunita Rai

Sunita RaiSunita Rai is a WordPress lover, digital marketing, SEO and blogging enthusiast. She writes articles on different websites and loves media marketing. She writes for several websites like MonsterInsights, IsItWP, and more. It’s been around 4 years since she started her WordPress journey. She’s going to be in the panel discussion at WCBRT2018 and will be discussing on the topic “Girls in WordPress”.

Panel Discussion: Girls in WordPress – Story, Experience, Opportunity, and Career

Bibek Sapkota

Bibek SapkotaBibek Sapkota is a passionate youth currently doing Bachelors in IT. As a young Entrepreneur, he is also leading a social Enterprise, Urja Lab. He has been actively involved in the field of debate, interaction and innovations as a member of Debate Network Nepal and board member of Leo District Council 325 B1 Nepal. Besides all of this, he is also a member of Federal youth Parliament of Nepal and former Council Member of United States Embassy Youth Council. In the upcoming WCBRT2018, he is going to talk on a topic related to his work, i.e. WordPress for Entrepreneurs. He will be talking about the use of WordPress for entrepreneurs.

Topic: WordPress for Entrepreneurs

Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Developers

Pratima Sharma

Pratima SharmaPratima Sharma is the co-founder and managing director at Mandala IT Solutions. She is an active member when it comes to the WordPress community in Pokhara. Besides WordPressing, she loves reading and exploring her variety of interests. She will be talking on how the digital revolution has transformed our lives at WCBRT2018.

Topic: The digital revolution- what is next?

Intended Audience: Everyone

Prithu Singh Thakuri

Prithu Singh ThakuriPrithu Singh Thakuri is the CEO and team lead at WPALL Club. She loves content writing, creating promotion plans, SEO plans and make strategies to put her company at the top of WordPress content business. Besides WordPressing, she loves traveling, reading books and browsing new innovations on the web. She is also going to participate in the panel discussion at WCBRT2018.

Panel Discussion: Girls in WordPress – Story, Experience, Opportunity, and Career

Madan Panthi

Madan PanthiMadan Panthi is a WordPress developer and an IT student. He has been working on this beautiful WordPress platform for around three years now. He currently works at Bharyang Ventures as a Project Manager and Server Admin. He loves playing with codes, learning new technologies, and turning coffee into code. He is actively working with WordPress Community and organizing and facilitating different workshops on WordPress.

Topic: Catching up with Cloud

Intended Audience: Developers, IT Professionals, Cloud Enthusiasts

Abhishek Rijal

Abhishek RijalAbhishek Rijal is a professional WordPress developer and recent WordPress Educator, primarily involved in WordPress theme and Plugin development. Currently Working at WEN Solutions, he has been involved with Theme Review, WordPress themes and plugins support team, customizations, and development of WordPress based products. He is also an active member of local WordPress meetups and other community events. While not working, he enjoys traveling and exploring new things. At WCBRt2018, he’s going to talk about the WordPress Automation tools.

Topic: WordPress Automation tools: Develop WP Themes and plugins faster!!

Intended Audience:  WordPress Developers, IT Professionals

Regan Khadgi

Regan KhadgiRegan Khadgi is an IT Engineering graduate and an active contributor. He is the lead WordPress developer at AccessPress Themes with more than 6 years of service in the company. He is also experienced in teaching IT skills to hundreds of younger generation IT enthusiasts. When he’s not WordPressing, he engages himself with his music. He has a strong passion for music and loves playing guitar as well. His topic will cover various ways of earning through this wonderful platform, WordPress.

Title: Make Living through WordPress

Intended Audience: Everyone

Prakash Upreti

Prakash UpretiPrakash Upreti is an IT professional; he’s been using WordPress since 2005 and built his career in this platform. He is also a tech enthusiast, a blogger and a tech entrepreneur. He is the founder of Sriyog.com and he’s been running Pracas Infosys since the year 2007. At WCBRT2018, he is going to share his experience with WordPress since his early career stage.

Title:  Journey Since 2005

Intended Audience: Everyone

Vedanshu Jain

Vedanshu JainVedanshu Jain works at Automattic and is a member of the WordPress Community Support Team. Since WordPress 5.0 was just released with the new editor, Gutenberg, it is a hot topic for all the developers. And Mr. Jain’s topic is going to cover Gutenberg-related things. He is willing to talk about his challenges, some implementation details and outcome in moving from shortcodes to Gutenberg blocks at wordcamp.org.

Topic: Gutenberg at WordCamp.org

Intended Audience: Developers looking to know more about the Gutenberg blocks

Muhammad Kashif

Muhammad KashifMuhammad Kashif is a full stack WordPress developer, trainer and course creator. Besides WordPressing, he loves teaching people on building products with WordPress. Kashif is the owner of MeshPro, a company that provides training, development and consulting services for small to medium size businesses. He is actually the face behind the amazing initiative of WordPress Meetups in Pakistan.  He has been a part of many events as a speaker, events like Payoneer Forum 2018, Connected Pakistan Conference 2017, National Freelancing Convention 2017, Startup Expo 2016, and Multan Freelancing convention 2018. Since he has a lot of speaking experience, you can expect a decent talk from Kashif in the upcoming WordCamp Biratnagar 2018. He is going to conduct his talk on something that many new freelancers are confused about—the pricing of projects.

Topic: Art of Project Pricing for Freelancers

Intended Audience: Everyone

Abul Khayer

Abul KhayerAbul Khayer is working as a WordPress developer for several Web Development agencies for the past five years. He is the CTO of Search English and proprietor of his own Web Development agency Biggestech. He’s specialized in WordPress Security and WooCommerce. He’s the lead organizer of Dhaka WordPress Meetup and a deputy of the community team. His talk is going to be about the common security threads that WordPress websites have to face.

Title: WordPress Security Fundamentals

Intended Audience: WordPress users and developers

Liton Arefin

Liton ArefinLiton Arefin is the founder and CEO of Jewel Theme, a WordPress theme and plugin development company. He started his journey with WordPress in 2008 and has been not only a WordPress evangelist but also an active community member authoring themes, plugins, and books. He has currently 17 active plugins and 9 themes in WordPress repo with dozens of themes and plugins in Themeforest.

Topic: New Era of Plugin Development in WordPress

Intended Audience: Everyone

Fahad Murtaza

Fahad MurtazaFahad Murtaza is a WordPress enthusiast who started his journey with WordPress in 2004. He recently joined Stanfield Real estate and started building their web stack on WordPress along with other technologies. He loves sharing knowledge and he will be talking about WordPress hooks and how they make life easier.

Title: WordPress Hooks 101

Intended Audience: Beginners to Advance

Utsav Singh Rathour

Utsav Singh RathourUtsav Singh Rathour is the founder of Code Pixelz Media, a WordPress development company. He also owns CodeThemes.co, a theme market for all the WordPressers and customization service websites. Utsav is one of the most active members in the WordPress community of Nepal and loves contributing to the community. And, his topic at WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 is also going to be about giving back to the community.

Topic: Giving back to the community

Intended Audience: Everyone

So, these were the total 17 speakers that will be presenting their talks in WordCamp Biratnagar 2018. You are more than welcome to WordCamp Biratnagar 2018 to hear-out these WordPress personalities and grow your knowledge on WordPress.

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