Sources to Find Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts

Sources to Find Royalty free images for your WordPress blog posts

Adding some good quality images to your content will definitely help you attract more readers and hold their interest, keeping them engaged on your website. Sure you can search for them on Google, but you will have to credit the source as well. It’s not that easy to find good quality, royalty free images. However, there certainly are many sources where you can find royalty free images for your blog posts. You can use the images and don’t even have to provide credits, how cool is that?

So, today, in this article, we will be giving you some sources to find royalty free images for your WordPress blog posts.

Sources To Find Royalty Free Images



FreeImages is a popular place to find royalty free images. It has a collection of photographs which are neatly categorized and tagged. You can find royalty free images for your WordPress blog posts from FreeImages very easily. Find the images you need by simply browsing through the categories or just by using the search feature. Most images here are fairly high quality, so you can use them on your website as well as your presentations. You might come across images that are widely used and easily recognizable



I am quite sure you’ve heard this word before. Pixabay is one of the popular destinations when it comes to finding good quality images. It is a great place to find royalty free images that are CC-0 licensed. All the images are well organized into categories and tags, so they’re super easy to find. One of the amazing features of this website is the advanced search feature that allows you to search by color!



Unsplash has royalty free CC-0 licensed and public domain images. You can search images by theme, such as greenery, skies, portfolios and more with its great search feature. There is a Google Chrome extension that displays a new photo in the background every time you open a new tab. This feature is for those who love being creative and different.

Photo Pin


Photo Pin, an amazing platform to find images for your website and blog is very simple yet creative. The platform helps bloggers find photographs to use in their posts and articles. It uses Flickr API to search images. It searches creative common licensed photos from around the web. If you want high-quality photographs of one specific photographer, then we suggest you try searching by author.

New Old Stock

New old stock

If you’re in search of the old vintage photographs that are very hard to find on the web, New Old Stock just does the job for you. There are lots of vintage style images available to download at the New Old Stock collection. This beautifully crafted website features vintage photographs that are now in pthe ublic domain. The images are uniquely interesting as they give you a look into the past.

Wikimedia Commons

WikiMedia Commons

One of the largest sources to find the royalty free images is Wikimedia Commons, a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. It allows you to use the images for free or give attribution to the photos that ask for it. However, you can also find many images in the public domain which do not require any mention. Just make sure you check out the information below the image before using it.




Shutterstock is a paid platform but because it has a large variety of royalty free images and vectors that you can use on your website and blog, it has made it to your list of sources to find royalty free images. The images can be found in multiple sizes and formats. Their library of photos, vectors, and illustrations are just incredibly awesome.

Finally, we’ve come to an end of our list—sources to find royalty free images for your WordPress blog posts. We hope this article helped you in finding the image you’ve been looking for so long. There are many other sources to find royalty free images on the web too. However, the above-mentioned were the best according to us and all of these sources provide you with high-quality images.

If you know any other sources to find royalty free images, then do mention them in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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