How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

WordPress has many cool features that many beginners might not be aware of. In this post, we aim to educate new users about one of those features. This feature will allow you to schedule posts in WordPress.

Why schedule posts in WordPress?

Each website has its peak time, i.e. the time in a day when it gets the most users. Now imagine you live in a different time zone than your readers and your peak time is 2 AM your time. Wouldn’t it be a nuisance: you setting up an alarm and waking up at 2 AM. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, barely feigning enthusiasm, to post your content?

The other situation can be you going for a vacation. You want to enjoy yourself, but you don’t want to abandon your blog.

So, how do you fix that problem?

Simple. You schedule your posts. This simple function allows you to stay ahead of yourself by finishing up articles in advance and have them ready. You can prepare for a busy week ahead of time and schedule articles to be published automatically.

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress?

In the right side of your screen, in the editor, you can find an option called ‘Publish Immediately’ right about the Publish button. You need to click on Edit and set your desired date and time. Then, click OK. After you’ve done that, you simply click the Schedule button. And you’re good to go. It is that simple.

To conclude, you want your posts published when most of your readers are likely to be online, and scheduling is easier than sitting by looking at the clock. You’ll be in control of your posting schedule and also be able to save time and energy. We hope you found this post informative.

Do you schedule your posts? How has that benefitted you? Let us know in the comments section below.



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