How to Add New Plugin in WordPress by Uploading

We usually add new plugins by using the search tab as mentioned in the previous article. However, there are times when we need to upload the plugin instead of using the search tab.

We might need to use old version of plugin due to compatibility issues. Some other times, the plugin might not be available in the WordPress plugin directory. However, we do recommend you not to use plugin not available in WordPress plugin directory because it might contain bugs which might effect your site.

Anyway, follow the steps mentioned below to add new plugin by uploading, instead of using the search bar.

In the tutorial we are going to assume that we want to add the ‘Media Grid‘ plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins –> Add New

Plugins -> Add New

  1. You will enter the Install Plugins screen

Install Plugins Screen

  1. You’ll notice 6 tabs in the upper part of the screen: Search, Upload, Featured, Popular, Newest, Favorites. Choose the Upload tab.

Upload Tab in the Install Plugins Screen

  1. Since we are assuming we want to add ‘Media Grid’ plugin, we will need to download the plugin in our computer first before we upload it to WordPress.

Media Grid Plugins Page

  1. In the Upload tab, click on ‘Choose File’ button and choose the plugin file from your computer. Here, for instance, it’s Media Grid.

Install Media Grid WordPress Plugin

  1. Activate the plugin

Activate Media Grid Plugin


You’re done!

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