How to Change the Color Scheme of the New WordPress 3.8 Dashboard

If you recently updated WordPress to 3.8 Parker then you will have the option of changing your dashboard appearance. Currently the default WordPress 3.8 dashboard is black with blue highlight.

You can change that to other set of attractive color schemes which the new WordPress provides. Changing your dashboard color scheme is relatively easy.

1. Log into your Dashboard
Dashboard WordPress 3.8

2. At the top left you will see a WordPress logo. Hover your cursor there and you’ll see ‘About WordPress’ in a drop down menu.
About WordPress 3.8

3. Click on ‘About WordPress’

4. You’ll enter ‘Welcome to WordPress 3.8’ Screen.
Welcome to WordPress 3.8

5. Scroll down
WordPress on Every Device

6. You’ll see ‘Pick a Color’ section.
Pick a Color WordPress 3.8

7. Choose the color scheme you desire. For example: The Sunrise Color Scheme.
Pick a Color Scheme Sunrise WordPress 3.8

8. You’re done. You can see the dashboard color change.
Dashboard Sunrise  WordPress 3.8

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