WordCamp Nepal 2024 – Call For Wapuu

WordCamp Nepal 2024 - Call For Wapuu

An amazing opportunity is here for you to unleash your creativity. WordCamp Nepal 2024 Call for Wapuu has opened. If you are a designer, illustrator, or Wapuu fan then please join WordCamp Nepal 2024. Submit your Wapuu design that will represent WordCamp Nepal 2024.

The Birth of Wapuu: Wapuu’s story begins with a simple yet impactful idea presented at the WordCamp Tokyo after-party in 2009. Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, sought ideas from the Japanese WordPress community to promote the platform in Japan. One innovative suggestion stood out—to create a mascot unique to Japan for WordPress.

Things to know before submitting the design

  1. Cultural Fusion: Infuse your Wapuu design with elements that reflect the vibrant culture of Nepal, just as the original Wapuu did for Japan.
  2. WordPress Integration: Pay homage to the platform by creatively incorporating WordPress-related elements into your design, staying true to the spirit of Wapuu.
  3. Community Spirit: Collaborate with the local WordPress community to ensure that your Wapuu resonates with the unique identity and passion of Nepali WordPress enthusiasts.

How to submit?

You must use the original Wapuu file to design your Wapuu. Also, you may read the Wapuu Guidelines here: https://wapu.us/resources/wapuu-guidelines/.

Submit the design along with a few other details using the form.

So, hurry up and apply right away.

Furthermore, if you’re interested, answer WordCamp Nepal 2024 Call for Wapuu right away. Please fill up and submit the form as soon as possible. The Wapuu form is available on the official website of WordCamp Nepal 2024.


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