Gutenberg Editor Updates: Gutenberg 3.1 Released

Gutenberg 3.1 Released

The Gutenberg Editor is here with its updated version, Gutenberg 3.1. The new version was released yesterday (June 22, 2018), and has included several updates, enhancements, and tweaks in it.

Gutenberg 3.1 has introduced a new system of guiding new users through the interface via Tips. Also, a new iteration of the block sibling inserter has been included. The inserter continues the effort to combine all the possible multiple interactions while reducing the UI weight. The enhancement towards the auto-save mechanism allowing to preview changes to already published posts. Not only these, there are also a lot of bug fixes, details, improvements, and tightening of components and APIs introduced in the updated version – Gutenberg 3.1.

This update has implemented TIPS Interface for its new users. The main motive behind this was to guide a user in the new editor interface. Now, when a new user opens Gutenberg, they will be presented with a guide that points out some of the crucial page elements. If a user dismisses the guide, it won’t ever be displayed again; however, you can manually re-enable the tips.

Gutenberg 3.1 has added a new iteration of the block sibling inserter that adds the ability to insert blocks between other blocks.

The new version of Gutenberg has now allowed the users to preview changes to a published post, prior to updating the post. If there are no unsaved changes for a post, the Preview button is effectively a link to

In addition to the updates, the new version now shows the preview mode for HTML blocks converted into shared blocks. This streamlines the process of creating straightforward HTML blocks and letting users insert them visually. Read more about it here.


With each updated version, the Gutenberg Editor is getting better.. The developers are slowly implementing new features to make it as easier as possible for users. If you haven’t tested it yet, we suggest you give it a try. If you find something that bugs you, you’re always welcome to patch things you don’t like in WordPress.

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