Jetpack Updates: Jetpack 6.5 Released | General Maintenance and Security Update

Jetpack 6.5 Released

The new version of Jetpack, Jetpack 6.5 has been released and now is available for download. The new update was released yesterday (4th September 2018) and has brought some interesting changes along with it.

The new version, Jetpack 6.5 is available as a general maintenance that has also addressed a security issue reported to the Jetpack team via HackerOne. The new update has included simple payments security update, improved lazy images network usage, removal of site verification settings from the tools menu, WordAds improvements, and more.

Jetpack 6.5 has updated and improved the security of the Simple Payments widget, which was first introduced in the version 6.3. The Jetpack team recommends that users of this widget update to Jetpack 6.5 as soon as possible, and so do we as it concerns the security of your website.

With the improved Lazy Images network usage, your website visitors will now have an even faster experience scrolling through your images once you’ve activated the Lazy Images module.

Another change that Jetpack 6.5 has brought is the removal of site verification setting from the Tools menu. However, you can still access it by visiting the Jetpack Admin Page settings.

The new version of Jetpack now allows you to add and control custom entries on the ads.txt file with a brand new setting option. You will find the option by visiting Jetpack Admin Page settings under the Traffic tab.

Check out the full changelog to know more about the updates in Jetpack 6.5.

You can get in touch with the members of Jetpack if you have anything to ask about the new update or want to give feedback.

We recommend you to update your Jetpack to the latest version right away to avoid the fatal errors and changes.


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