The Official Gutenberg Information Site has been Updated!

Official Gutenberg Information Site Updated. Image Source: WP Tavern

The official Gutenberg Information Site has been updated with an interactive demo that can be managed on the frontend. The feature loads an instance of WordPress with Gutenberg on the frontend so visitors don’t have to Log in or Create a Test Site to try and get the taste of Gutenberg Editor.

The official Gutenberg Information Site is based on Frontberg, a site created by Tom Nowell, VIP Wrangler at Automattic.

The new interactive demo replaces the walls of text that were present previously. The walls of text described the vision and approach for the new editor. Unlike the walls of text, the updated page features shorter, more brief explanations of the new editor as an interactive part of the demo.

The WordPress contributors are on their toes to ship out the new ‘Try Gutenberg’ callout in WordPress 4.9.8, which is scheduled for August 2, 2018. The ‘Try Gutenberg’ callout will be the first revelation about the new editor. The demo will give users a chance to experience before making a decision about installing it.

The official Gutenberg Information Site has updated to feature its Interactive Demo. The demo is live here. WordPress users from around the world can view it in their own language.



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