The Gutenberg Editor Updates: Gutenberg 3.4 Released

Gutenberg 3.4 Released

Gutenberg 3.4 – the newest version of Gutenberg has been released with new features and improvements. The new update was released on July 31, 2018, with more than 50 enhancements included in it.

The updated version, Gutenberg 3.4 included enhancements that would prepare the plugin to convert existing content to blocks. WordPress 4.9.8 will be including the “Try Gutenberg” callout in order to get more eyes on the next big thing in WordPress—the Gutenberg Editor.

The last two versions of Gutenberg (3.2 and 3.3) focused more towards the bug fixes and enhancements to refine the user experience, interface and API stability rather than adding new features to the plugin. Similarly, this update has also focused on the refinements of the plugin.

The Gutenberg 3.4 update has added a warning in the classic editor when users try to edit posts that contain blocks. The warning says –

This post was previously edited in Gutenberg. You can continue in the Classic Editor, but you may lose data and formatting.

You can also browse previous revisions and restore a version of the page before it was edited in Gutenberg.

Added warning in 3.4

The warning provides you two options to choose from – Edit in Gutenberg or Continue to Classic Editor.

More to the refinements, the Gutenberg developers have renamed the Shared Blocks to Reusable Blocks, added a REST API Search controller, added an ability for themes to configure font sizes, added an edit button to embed blocks, and more.

You can check out the full list of changes in Gutenberg 3.4 here.

The Gutenberg Editor is getting better with each updated version as it is getting closer to its final release. Also, the developers are implementing new features and refinements to make it as easier as possible for users to use it with each update. If you haven’t tested it yet, we suggest you give it a try right away. If you find something that bugs you, you’re always welcome to patch things you don’t like in WordPress.

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