Update your PHP Version!

Update your PHP version.

Do you want to make your WordPress site faster and more secure? Yes, of course! So, why delay? Update your PHP version today and make it happen!

The official WordPress blog released a post a few hours ago, reminding us all to update the PHP versions and why it is important to update.

The second major release this year, WordPress 5.2 is gearing up for its release at the end of this month. And with the update comes the necessity of updating your PHP. WordPress will now require a minimum 5.6.20 version of PHP.

There has been an increase in users on more recent PHP versions since the WordPress 5.1 update started displaying a notification on their dashboard encouraging users to update their PHP.

The WordPress updater will not offer WordPress 5.2 update to your site if it detects that you’re running a lower version of PHP. Also, there is no escape from it; you will not be able to update your site manually as well.

WordPress will encourage you to update to PHP 7.3 when trying to update. It is the fastest version of PHP yet, according to the developers. So, why wait? Update the PHP version right away and make your site faster and more secure!

You can know more on updating your PHP version here.

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