WordPress 5.5.1 Release Candidate 1 Available for Testing!

WordPress 5.5.1 Release Candidate 1
A quick update, WordPress 5.5.1 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download and you can start testing. This new update includes a total of 37 enhancements and fixes.

WordPress 5.5 was released on 11th August 2020 and it has already crossed 9 million downloads already.

To test WordPress 5.5.1 Release Candidate 1, you can use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want to select the “point release nightlies” option) or you can also directly download the release candidate here (zip).

Among all 37 updates in WordPress 5.5.1 Release Candidate 1, 28 are bug fixes, 4 are enhancements, and 5 updates in the block editor.

WordPress 5.5.1 Release Candidate 1 Updates:

  1. #50882– Administration: WP 5.5: Cannot attribute content when deleting users
  2. #50998– Quick/Bulk Edit: Editing posts using bottom “Bulk actions” dropdown menu doesn’t work
  3. #38009– Comments: #reply-title.comment-reply-title not updating when replying to an individual
  4. #50845– Editor: Block patterns: Fix translatable strings (take 2)
  5. #50858– Site Health: Check PHP notices with site_status_tests filter
  6. #50887– Site Health: Add site environment to debug information
  7. #50892– Editor: Some block patterns have text contrast issues with dark themes
  8. #50910– Sitemaps: 5.5 Sitemap URLs are incorrectly paginated
  9. #50912– Site Health: flags define WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE value as an error
  10. #50919– Script Loader: Change the jquery handle back to an alias for jquery-core
  11. #50933– Media: Lazy loading in 5.5 causes flashing of the custom logo in Firefox
  12. #50945– Site Health: don’t give a warning when upload_max_size is lower than max_post_size
  13. #50988– Upgrade/Install: Pass details about the specific plugin and theme updates attempted to filters
  14. #50992– Bootstrap/Load: Remove the ability to alter the list of environment types in wp_get_environment_type()
  15. #50999– Script Loader: Disable concatenation for scripts with translations to ensure they are printed in the right order
  16. #51011– Upgrade/Install: Empty string comparison on home option during DB upgrades is invalid
  17. #51018– Editor: PHP Notice thrown when searching for certain terms via the Gutenberg block directory
  18. #51151– Editor: Packages update
  19. #51021– REST API: Permit uniqueItems keyword in endpoint args
  20. #51146– REST API: Fix multi-type schemas with integer fields
  21. #51029– Filesystem API: Typo in variable name causes warning from fclose()
  22. #51042– Post: missing excerpt
  23. #51050– Docs: Add docblock for get_the_archive_title() filter
  24. #51052– Administration: Undefined index: update-supported
  25. #51060– Docs: Update register_rest_route docblock to reflect additions since 5.5
  26. #51064– Bootstrap/Load: Consider adding “local” as environment on WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE
  27. #51073– Administration: Extra padding below the admin bar
  28. #51075– Docs: Update docs for custom logo functions
  29. #51122– Docs: add a mention about the use of loading attribute in wp_get_attachment_image function
  30. #51127– UI/CSS: Remove non-color related styling from Modern color scheme
  31. #51129– Upgrade/Install: Only display the auto-update links on the Network Admin > Themes screen for themes that support the feature
  32. #51337– Template: wp_terms_checklist not checking selected taxonomy items with selected_cats option
  33. PR24609– Fix missing selected block highlighting in list view
  34. PR24599– Fix specificity for buttons with outline style and background colors
  35. PR24533– Fix incorrect aria description in List View
  36. PR24516– Fix regression bug for category select in QueryControls component
  37. PR24478– Fix tiny editor preview when using Mobile or Tablet options with metaboxes enabled


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