Adding Age Verification to your Website in WordPress

Adding Age Verification in WordPress Sites

Do you want to restrict visitors of a certain age from accessing your site? Adding Age Verification to your site is the best way to do so. It protects the nature of content your site boasts and also somewhat allows you to control the age of your visitors.

Not everything published on WordPress is suitable for audiences of all ages. Many sites don’t necessarily have to add age verification to their website. However, there sure are websites that need to add age verification to their website. For instance, Gaming, Alcohol sites, Gambling, and more. The age verification feature can come in handy for many other purposes, and not only the adult content. Adding age verification to your website will secure your web content from people of some defined age. So, let’s learn how we can add an age-gate feature to your website.

Adding Age Verification in WordPress Using a Plugin

First of all, install and active the Age Gate plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. It is a simple yet feature-rich WordPress plugin for adding age verification and restricting content based on the user’s age.

Age Gate Plugin

After activating the plugin, you can go to the settings section to set everything up. Visit Dashboard > Age Gate to customize the plugin and your age verification content. Under the Age Gate section, there are five different areas you can control and customize; Restrictions, Messaging, Appearance, Advanced, and Access.

First, on the Restrictions tab, you can set default age, select which content to restrict, add remember me, re-challenge in case of age test failure, and more.

Similarly, on the Messaging tab, you can customize the texts on different labels, and on the Appearance tab, you can customize the way the Age Verification appears with different color variations. Moreover, for advanced customization and access management, you can visit the tabs Advanced and Access Settings, respectively.

You need to click on the Save Changes button as you make the necessary changes to your system. Once you are done with the customization, you can visit your site to see the plugin in action.

Age Gate is a very minimal plugin with lots of crucial customization options. Therefore, don’t expect the plugin to present the Verification in a fancier way.

Here is a quick preview of how your Age Gate will look like:

We hope this article helped you add an easy age-gate to your site without any hassle. It is very easy, requires zero coding knowledge, and absolutely free. So, protect your site content without troubling your wallet.

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