Gutenberg 1.4: The Newest Version of Gutenberg Editor Released

Gutenberg 1.4 Released With New Features

The Gutenberg Editor is here with its new version, Gutenberg 1.4. The new version was released on 10th October and has brought some interesting features along with some improvements in it.

The changelog had more than 20 improvements this time with some addition of features as well. Let’s have a quick look at some of the interesting improvements this time.

With Gutenberg 1.4, you can now change the HTML of an individual block now. It allows you to make edits and tweaks to the HTML of individual blocks without having to hunt for the relevant code in the full document view. HTML mode can be triggered by toggling the ellipsis menu and selecting the HTML icon. This will switch the block between visual and text mode.

edits and tweaks to the HTML of individual blocks. Image Source:

Version 1.4 has redesigned the editor’s header for clarity, grouping content actions to the left and post actions to the right.

redesigned editor's header. image source:

Gutenberg 1.4 has also added the initial REST API infrastructure for reusable global blocks. The infrastructure will eventually enable users to convert a block into a reusable block and give it a name, convert a reusable block back into a regular block, edit a reusable block within a post and have the changes appear across all posts, insert an existing reusable block into a post, delete an existing reusable block, and more.

One of the Gutenberg contributors, Robert Anderson said the next step is to add a core/reusable block to the editor that can be rendered and edited, followed by a UI for adding, deleting, attaching, and detaching reusable blocks.

The new version of Gutenberg, Gutenberg 1.4 will allow you to show the most frequently used blocks when hovering over the inserter. If the editor doesn’t have enough usage data, it will display the paragraph and image blocks by default.

frequently used blocks

The previous version of Gutenberg, Gutenberg 1.3 introduced a new feedback option for testers with a link in the Gutenberg sidebar menu. Ventura reported that the team has received 12 responses so far, which included four bugs and two proposed enhancements.

Here are some of the other improvements in Gutenberg 1.4:

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