Chique – Best Multipurpose Fashion WordPress Theme for 2020

Are you into fashion and want to rule the fashion industry online? Chique WordPress Theme will be your companion. It is the best multipurpose Fashion WordPress theme for all kinds of creative businesses like Fashion, Photography, Blogs, Corporates, and more. Here at DevotePress, we will give you a complete review of Chique WordPress Theme, both Free and Premium.

Chique (The FREE Version) – A Trendy Multipurpose Fashion WordPress Theme

Chique is a trendy multipurpose Fashion WordPress theme for all kinds of creative businesses. The theme was crafted with care by the amazing Catch Themes team. All of their themes are fully responsive and each one comes with a unique design and powerful features. Chique is no less. It is one of the best themes to go for if you want your existence to cherish online and grow your business.  It is fully responsive and provides a clean outlook across all devices and screen sizes. Chique is the best solution for creative businesses like Fashion, Blogs, Photography, Corporates, and more. It includes features that are flexible and helps your business stand out among others.

If you and your business are in any way related to the fashion industry, Chique can help you build your unique online presence. The theme includes amazing features like Featured Slider and Hero Content, where you can feature your most important fashion posts to your visitors. It also empowers you with the Featured Content section to display your impressive posts. Layout options are also available in case you want to play around with your site layouts. Chique is fully responsive and your fashion business site will look amazingly stylish across all devices and screen sizes. Sleek design and awesome functionality; what a combination to rule the fashion industry.

Major Features in Chique

  • Header Media: To showcase the most impressive video and images.
  • Featured Content: To highlight the most crucial, latest or popular business posts on your website.
  • Featured Slider: To place eye-catching custom slides with promos, new products, or anything else.
  • Hero Content: To showcase the impressive fashion posts of your website sophisticatedly.
  • Portfolio: To display your best works and professional skills to the world at large.
  • Services: To let your visitors know about the amazing services you provide.
  • Testimonials: To assist you in building trust with your customers.
  • Incredible Support: To help you with the theme issues.
  • WordPress Standard Codes: Secure and optimized coding.

To get amazing features like Portfolio, Featured Content, Services, and Testimonials, you first need to install and activate a free WP Plugin, Essential Content Types. After activating the plugin, you will get access to all these four amazing features with many customization options.


While listing out the features in Chique, Header Media is one of the powerful features. It allows you to add a header video to impress your visitors as soon as they land on your site. You can also add images to your header media as a fallback. This keeps your visitors from getting bored while the header video loads.

Header Media

Another cool feature in Chique is Featured Slider. It allows you to highlight the contents that are interesting and might be of great interest to your audience. You can display your pages as your featured slider. Display up to 20 featured slider content and make it more dynamic.

Featured Slider

The Hero Content section is where you display the best asset of your business website. Chique empowers you with this section. Display the page you find most important or interesting at the moment with the Hero Content feature.

Hero Content

Services is a section in Chique to display what you have to offer, your services.  With Intuitive, you can place the services you provide right in the spotlight. You can add up to 20 services at max.


So, these were some of the amazing features in the Chique theme. Along with these, this powerful multipurpose theme also empowers you with other crucial customization options like Layout Options, Pagination Options, Search Options, Testimonials, and more. All of these features will help you build a strong creative website in no time. Sleek, trendy design with powerful features at your comfort. Try Chique today!

Download Chique Free Theme Theme Demo

Since the free version of Chique provided so much, I was very curious about the premium version as well. Here is everything you need to know about Chique Pro.

Chique Pro – The PREMIUM Version

Chique Pro - Multipurpose Fashion WordPress Theme
Chique Pro – The Premium Version

Premium versions of any WordPress product comes with more customization options in the bag. Chique Pro, a multipurpose fashion WordPress theme has all the amazing features one needs to build a strong business niche online. Be it a fashion blog, a professional corporate site, or a music site, Chique Pro comes with all the features to fit accordingly.

Chique Pro Features

It includes a long list of features like Album, Playlist, Sticky Playlist, Event Slider, Featured Video, Countdown, Timeline, Venue, Gallery, Menu Options, Stats, Team, Why Choose Us, and many more. Each of these sections includes powerful customization options in them. You have control over literally every section on your site.

I, personally was very impressed by the premium version. It provided me with everything a website would want for their site. Here, I have listed some of the phenomenal features in Chique Pro that you must know about.



The Album section in Chique Pro is dedicated to Music Artists. Even if you are not in the music business, you can still use the section to display your most important content. You can display either post, page, category, or custom in this section. Display your albums elegantly in 2 to 4 columns.



Again, another interesting musical feature is the Playlist section in Chique Pro. In the Playlist section, you can add the fresh tracks that you just released or anything that you want to showcase at large.

Sticky Playlist

Sticky Playlist

Chique Pro lets you add playlist on the top of the header area. With the Sticky Playlist, you can add a nice list of songs and let your audience listen to them as they explore your site. It keeps your visitors from getting bored.



To keep the excitement mounting for interesting events, Chique Pro supports the Countdown feature. The feature allows you to set the ending date and provides a bunch of other customization options as well including a background image.



Some events are memorable and hold a special place in our hearts. So, to perfectly showcase your memories in an elegant timeline, Chique Pro comes with the Timeline feature.


Venue empowers you with the option to display the event venue to your visitors in 1 to 4 columns. You can select the venue content type to be displayed—post, page, category or custom.


Nine Exciting Demos

Chique Demos

There are NINE dynamic demos you can go for in Chique Theme

  1. Free
  2. Pro
  3. Dark
  4. Photography
  5. Corporate
  6. eCommerce
  7. Blog
  8. Music
  9. Wedding

With these nine dynamic demos available, you can build your dream website in just a blink of an eye. Live Demos are a great element to go for if you want to know what the theme exactly provides. And if you like a certain theme demo and want the exact same design, layout, and content placement on your website, you can just simply install and active the Catch Themes Demo Import plugin to import the demo content. The plugin is absolutely free, go and give it a try!


To paraphrase everything, it is safe to conclude that Chique is the best multipurpose WordPress Theme one can find in the market today. It is a simple and elegant, modern and powerful fashion WordPress theme that fits perfectly for a wide range of website varieties.

I tried both free and premium versions of Chique and they were equally gratifying. The premium version has everything to fulfill the demands of any website owner. Whereas, the free version was no less. It provided limited customization options but were very much helpful to create a simple and elegant website in just a few minutes. So, all in all, the Chique WordPress theme is one of the best themes out there and you need to give it a try.

Build your strong online presence today with Chique!


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